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Jagged Line - out 31 December 2021
The 2nd single from First Frontier's forthcoming debut - Just Matter EP
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jagged line​​​​​​​
about Jagged line
Jagged Line is a song about the blurred margins between hedonism and self-control. It's about the cyclical nature of drink and drug abuse and the way time itself distorts when you approach the precipice of the void. We wrote the song in a way to mirror that feeling of trying to keep the night going when everybody else going home; that desperate search for small hour thrills, interspersed with peals of drum and bass, hazy taxi rides and streetside longing.
First Frontier bio 
“The room is not quite spinning” (Jagged Line)
Birmingham-based garage rock duo, First Frontier, make spirited, upbeat music to move to and be moved by. They've unleashed the frenzy of their energetic rhythms and soul-searching, upbeat lyrics on audiences since 2020 in a manner that has mostly been appreciated by human people.
First Frontier are Helena, pounding drums, and Paul, flogging guitar, with both sharing vocal duties; Brummie banter and Northern grit smelted down to forge new music, described by genuine human people as either neo-garage, post-punk and rock in many a guise. But who really knows what genre is anymore?
The Longer (but still totally interesting) Story
H&P met in 2016 when the comparatively saner status quo of the UK was upended and found solace and normality in one another. It wasn’t until 2019 that this started to manifest itself musically rather than as general angst and occasional overeating. They sought the only outlet they knew that could bring us all together and spark joy: upbeat music. A glorious counterpoint to all the negativity and frustration. And thus, dear friends, First Frontier was born. 
When it all came spilling out in rhythm and verse, everything started to make sense. In this age of one hundred micro-social revolutions, they asked themselves: how can we help? How do we hinder? What’s the glue that connects rather than divides? From these questions came an answer. A debut EP named Just Matter. At its core their songs on the Just Matter EP are about kicking arse at what you can control and devoting positive energy to that, rather than being distracted by the great litany of uncontrollables.
First Frontier's songs are a gleeful celebration of the good and an examination of the complexity of existence. Join them in rejecting the mundanity of everyday life by escaping together in music and living life to the effing max. 
“Pale sunrise kiss this window” (Jagged Line)
jagged line Lyrics
It’s three a.m.
The lights blur past this window
High setting in

Jagged line, jagged line
Jagged line, can I stop on time

Heavy eyes
The room is not quite spinning
This mind’s alive

Jagged line, jagged line
Jagged line, can I stop on time

You seize the night
You seize the night
Seize the night, jagged line, bending time, altered minds
Limbs entwined, jagged line
Jagged line, jagged line

It’s six a.m.
Pale sunrise kiss this window
Start again

Jagged line, jagged line
Jagged line, can I stop on time
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